Luxury And Modern Design Vivo V17 Pro

Review - Vivo V17 Pro, desain cantik dengan kamera ciamik - ANTARA News

You already know that Vivo V17 Pro is the first smartphone in the world to use two selfies on the front and use a quad camera or 4 cameras on the back? Well this time we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Vivo V17 Pro.

Present in several countries in Asia since September 2019, Vivo 17 Pro is still attracting attention to the smartphone market in its class. This vivo cellphone is an idol because of its complete features and capable multi-media expertise.

The design is no less good than other smartphones, considering that many other smart phones have features that are less friendly to the hand or in the pocket. Plus, this flagship device from Vivo carries an attractive price even though some of its features are perfectly packaged

For those of you who could be looking for new weapons for your gadget needs every day, it could be worth listening to this smartphone. One of the advantages or advantages of this Vivo V17 Pro is its cool and modern design.

A modern design indeed emanates from this flagship smartphone. Vivo 17 Pro brings some considerations in its design, both in terms of screen, full body to material and color choices. One of the considerations is the size of the cellphone that can be said to be minimalist. With an ergonomic shape, at least not bad with all the features and a cool pop-out camera so that the screen looks full without the disturbance of the front camera.